KARMA Templates General

Each KARMA Generated Effect (GE) refers to a single bank of KARMA Templates (which cannot be changed except in the KARMA Software). The Korg M3 and OASYS each have two internal ROM Template Banks (ROM-A and ROM-B) and space for four User Template Banks (USER-A ~ D). A KARMA Software KDF file can contain multiple banks of Templates.

A KARMA Templates Bank (which you really cannot see much of internally on your M3 or OASYS, but can be referenced by changing various GE parameters) contains individual banks of Templates for each of the "attributes" of KARMA: Rhythm, Duration, Velocity etc. The following image shows the contents of a single Template Bank in the KARMA Software:

Template Bank ROM-A as viewed in KARMA Software

Within the overall Template Bank, the individual Template Banks each contain 64 template locations which can be used by the matching attribute; Rhythm Templates are used by the Rhythm Group of GE Parameters (on the GE Editor Rhythm Page of the KARMA Software), Duration Templates are used by the Duration Group, and so on.

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