KARMA M3: Moving User GEs without breaking programs and combis


You want to move User GEs from one User GE bank to a different one, and also remap the correponding GE assignments in all programs and combis that use the GEs.

For example, you've purchased a 3rd-party sound set that has a bank of new programs, a bank of new combis, and a bank of new User GEs. You drill into the PCG file for the sound set and discover that the GEs are set up to go into GE bank U-A, but you already have some of your own custom GEs in GE bank U-A. How do you load the 3rd-party sound set into your M3 and put the GEs into a different, empty bank on your M3 without breaking all the GE assignments in the combis and programs?


The native features of the M3 will not enable you to remap GE assignments in your programs and combis in a scenario like this. However, the KARMA M3 Software does have features that enable you to do this.

KARMA M3 Software enables you to transmit and receive the PCG data of the M3 via SysEx, including the KARMA settings. You can edit the KARMA stuff in the software, and then send the data back to the M3.

Specifically, there is a Paste Special feature in the software that enables you to do this:

  1. Select a GE or number of GEs.
  2. "Cut" them from the current locations into clipboard memory.
  3. "Paste" them into new locations, with the option to change all GE references in all Programs and Combis (Performances) in the current open file to reference the new locations.

Then you could send this data back to the M3, with everything working properly.

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