korg karma : how to use it

Korg karma: how to use it, yes many are going around and think that.

the keyboard is very useful in many ways. to make film music, make trance music, make pop music. play blues. classic music, with great strings. and piano. great combi collection for expression and making songs.

so yes the keyboard gives the user many opportunities.

But the keyboard isn.t the easiest keyboard to play on since you have so many buttons and tools. and the main thing in korg karma is KARMA its like to have two keyboard in one.

the Triton and the KARMA . but together is dynamite. i have been use this beaty for two years now. i will just say that you get lots of fun and joy and useful sounds to make good music what ever style you working with. thanks to people who want to make combis and sound the korg karma is a strong keyboard. i have looked around and found people like: joe satriani, jordan rudess, herbie hancock, bob james, phill collins,all of them use korg karma, so something has hit them since they choose the korg karma, so thank you mr stephen kay for your work with making a korg karma. and now work with oasys korg m50 korg m3. so the future go on.

but there is a but. there has come only one dvd of showing the use of korg karma is from sudosonic.com. so my pray is this: is there some one out there who could make a good useful dvd for using korg karma, shows the combi in use, shows how a combi is made, and show how to use the KARMA. when we get that i will by one. hope in future there is some who make one.

back to the use of korg karma: i have make 20 songs with it so far. take some time to understand midi function and the seaqencer the internal one. but this keyboard is ok as a masterkeyboard or using with software. reccomend the korg mw. software made for the korg karma, the KARMA gets to life using this. with software you can use: ableton live as scott raposa is using mr stephen kay using performer, i use powertracks audio 9 and cubasis 4,0, you can also use cakewalk 7. so you see there are several options.

use midi interface or fire wire sound card is ok too.

combine two keyboard korg karma and dx7 or roland xp 80 its great. using the midi.

ok this was some thougts and experience with my korg karma. hope some out there find this , interesting.

from ivarbalade Norway user of korg karma. make good karma all of you.

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