KARMA MW: Mapping Real-Time Controls to External Controllers


This quick tutorial explains how to configure Karma Triton or Karma MW software so that the virtual sliders and switches in the software's Real-Time Control Window can be driven by real knobs, sliders and switches on a piece of MIDI equipment that transmits MIDI Controller Change data - such as a synthesizer or dedicated MIDI controller box like the Keyfax Phat Boy.

The Korg MS2000 is used for this tutorial, but the idea is the same for most synths and MIDI controller boxes.

Easy as ABC!

Pull up the Preferences dialog by selecting the Preferences option from the application's Edit menu, and switch to the tab marked RT Controls.

You will see something like this :


…now just follow the Steps A, B and C:

  • Step A: In the group of drop down lists marked A, enter the MIDI Controller Change numbers of the MS2000 knobs you want to assign to each RTC control.
  • Step B: In the drop down list marked B, select the MIDI port that your MS2000 is connected to.
  • Step C: Finally, and most importantly, tick the "Receive Active" box marked C.


Note : You can download a handy graphical MS2000 CC -> knob reference at:

MS2000 CC Knob Reference Chart

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