KARMA Oasys: Using Phase 1 and 2 for two different phrases

Note: While written for KARMA Oasys Software, this article applies to KARMA Kronos, KARMA M3 and KARMA M50 Software as well. For more information, visit KARMA Software.


You'd like to create a User GE with two completely different patterns inside it, so that you can change scenes and have it completely change phrases. Perhaps the first pattern will correspond to the verse and the second for the chorus.


This is easily possible, and an effective way to design a GE - many of the factory GEs use this method to achieve completely different sounding phrases in different scenes.

  1. With a Combi Performance selected, choose Initialize Performance from the Menu Button of the Performance Editor.
  2. Set the resulting dialog to the BL1 - Bass/Lead 1 RTC Model.
  3. Go to the GE Editor RTP page, and set GE RTP #30 (which is open) to Phase : ~Template (All Steps).
  4. Set the Min and Max of the parm to 0 and 1.
  5. Set the GE Editor to the Phase page.
  6. Go to the Performance Editor, and the RTP Page. Make sure Module 1 is displayed, and Master Layer, and "25-32".
  7. Locate RTP #30, and assign it to Switch 8 (by way of example).
  8. Bring up the Real-Time Controls Editor, and activate Switch 8 (in the Master Layer) while watching the Phase page of the GE Editor. When the switch is off, all steps of the Phase Pattern will be set to Phase 1; when the switch is on, all steps will be set to Phase 2.

Now that you've got this set up, it's easy to switch the whole phrase between the two Phases, and you can work on making each Phase do whatever you have in mind.


Actually, the full range of the GE RTP Phase: ~Template (All Steps) is 0~15 - you could play with all 16 of the Phase Templates, by assigning it to a Slider, setting the RTP Min/Max to 0/15, and setting the Value of the Slider (where you assign it in the Performance RTP Page) to 8 so that the center of the slider is 8. They cause different alternations of the two phases in various patterns, such as:

  • 0: 1 1 1 1 …
  • 1: 2 2 2 2…
  • 2: 1 2 1 2…
  • 3: 2 1 2 1… etc.

You may find other arrangements of your two phrases that you like beyond what you initially envisioned - which is one of the points of KARMA.

A complete table of the various Phase Pattern Templates can be found in the GE Guide section of the Parameter Guide for your synth.

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