KARMA 2: Creating "space": telling a GE to "not play" for a certain number of beats


You'd like to create or modify a GE so that it has "space" - in other words, maybe it plays for 4 beats or 8 beats, then is silent for an equal amount of time, or you first trigger a multi-module Performance, and the GE is silent for a number of beats before playing a riff.

The following tutorial (using the KARMA Software that goes with your keyboard) will show you one of the simpler ways to do this, with virtually infinite ways it can be used.


  1. Choose the following Combi from your KARMA Software:
    • KARMA Kronos: Combi D009 WS Layer Keys.
    • KARMA Oasys: Combi A001 WS Layer Keys.
    • M3, KARMA M50: Combi A000 Towards The Sun.

These were chosen simply because they have a full range piano-type sound to be played by Module 1.

  1. Choose "Initialize Current Performance" from the Performance Editor Menu Button.
  2. Select (default) CL1 - Comp/Lead 1 as the RTC Model Type.
  3. Go to the GE Editor > Phase page for Module 1's GE.
  4. Change "Phase Length Mode" to "TS - Time Signature".
  5. As you can see, the Phase Pattern provides up to 16 steps. In this example, 8 steps are assigned, alternating between Phase 1 and Phase 2. Phase 1 is an upwards arpeggio, and Phase 2 is a downwards arpeggio. Because of the Time Signature, each step of the Phase Pattern will last for 4 beats (you can see the Time Signature settings are presently 4/4 by default).
  6. A really simple way to achieve space is to simply mute certain steps of the Phase Pattern. This can be done with the little 'all' or 'fn' buttons in the 'Mutes' section: 'all' causes all notes that might normally be generated during that step to be muted; 'fn' means 'first note' - which means all notes *except* the first note will be muted (this can be useful because it means that a final note will be played on the downbeat ending the riff of the previous step.)
  7. I would also turn on the 'ir' (Index Restart) buttons in the Index section of the pattern, for this example, to cause the arpeggio to start at the top/bottom of each Phase step, just to make this more understandable.
  8. Trigger the GE by playing a chord on the keyboard, and listen to the results.

The first image below shows everything I've just discussed.


This image shows another example, which will mute all notes right away for 8 beats when you trigger it, then bring in a riff for 8 beats, then 8 beats of silence etc.


By playing with the Time Signature settings, and these mute buttons, and the Phase Pattern, you can create virtually any pattern of muting you'd like.

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