KARMA 2: Using a GE as a metronome


You want to have a metronome in combi mode, that you can practice with, or send to a drummer for live use.

Procedure (Kronos/OASYS)

I'll show you how to set this up inside an INIT combi, but you could do the same thing inside any combi, or a song, as well.

  1. Go to an INIT Combi. Go to the KARMA GE tab (0-6 on the main screen). Select GE 0002 Arp Model 03 Up, for Module A.
  2. Turn on the KARMA Switch, play a note or chord - you get a piano arpeggio of 16th notes going up.
  3. Select a drum Kit for Timbre 1, such as I-F078 Studio Standard Kit (Kronos) or A004 Studio Standard Kit (OASYS), on the Main Combi Page. Now play a note - you get some 16th note drum sounds.
  4. Now, go the KARMA GE Page again. Press the Module Control Button so that it displays the RTControls for Module A. Move Slider 5 "Note Range" to 0 and play a note (any note) - it now repeats just that single note (but at 16th notes).
  5. Now, set Slider 2 "Rhythm Pattern" to 119 (so that the KARMA Value field towards the top of the page says "048" - this is a quarter note template.
  6. Now, by playing the desired note, you can repeat a sidestick (for example).
  7. You can increase (or remove) the accents with Slider 4 Velocity Accents.
  8. To remove the panning, go to 7-2 KARMA MIDI Filter, and uncheck the CC-A box for Module A.
  9. Turn off the Latch Switch so that it stops when you release, or optionally, set the Note Latch Parameter to Off on 7-4 Trigger, if you want to keep other KARMA Modules latched with the Latch Switch.
  10. If you wanted to assign this to only a single note on the keyboard (say the lowest note of a 76 keyboard), you would set the KARMA Key Zone top and bottom on 7-1 to E1, then you could use the Timbre Transpose parameter on 2-3 to "dial in" the drum sound that you want that note to play.
  11. To route this to a separate output, simply assign the track/timbre that is making the click sound to an individual output on the IFX bus routing page.

Procedure (M3)

See Korg M3: Add a simple click to a Program/Combi

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