Korg Karma: Resetting to Factory Condition


You have picked up a used Karma Workstation and want to reset it to factory condition. Or perhaps you wish to initialize all banks such that you can reload a few banks and still have initialized ones.


IMPORTANT! Make sure you have the factory preload data floppy disk or your own backup of the programs and combis to reload after this procedure.

You can erase the whole sound set inside the Karma by turning it off, and then turning it back on while holding down the [ENTER] and [0] keys. You will see "writing into internal memory", and then you will have every single combi bank, program bank, and drum kit bank filled with initialized data. You can then reload the Factory Data for the Karma from the floppy drive.

What's in the Factory Preload?

The Karma originally shipped with Program and Combi Banks A,B, and E full. All the rest were empty, waiting for third-party Sound Sets such as Chemistry and Reincarnation from Karma-Lab.

Note: for the highest quality KARMA-fied sound sets for the Karma, be sure to visit Karma-Lab Sound Sets.

What if I don't have a Factory Preload floppy disk?

You can download the Factory Preload for Karma Workstation OS 2.0 from the Karma Workstation page at Karma-Lab. We do not have the preload for earlier systems available, and indeed, if you do not have OS 2.0, you should upgrade to it immediately.

Related: Where can I get the OS 2.0 update?

You can download the free OS 2.0 update from the Karma Workstation page at Karma-Lab. If you do not have access to a floppy disk drive on your computer to make the required disks, there is information on that page about ordering the OS update floppies from Karma-Lab.

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