Korg Karma: Using KARMA to auto-sustain notes until you play another chord


You want to make the Korg Karma sustain all notes until you play another chord. (Like the "auto-sustain" function found on some arranger keyboards.)


You can do this by using a KARMA GE. We are going to use GE 0250 RT Bender/E113 which is the GE that is doing the guitar hammer-on bending in Program E113 Fusion Guitar. But in this case, we just want it for its ability to sustain notes.

  1. Select Program A099 Analog Strings 1&2.
  2. Go to 6.1-1 KARMA Setup. Turn on the "Init K.RTC" checkbox, then select GE 0250 RT Bender/E113.
  3. Go to 6.1-2 Key Z/T, and turn off the "Thru In Zone" checkbox if it is on (or you will get notes playing on top of themselves.)
  4. Go to 6.2-2 Trigger and turn off "Quantize Triggers" if it is not off (or you will feel a slight delay when playing).
  5. Turn on KARMA and the LATCH switch and play a chord or pad.
  6. Play a chord on the keyboard, or a pad - voila, the notes sustain forever, until the next chord is played.
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