Korg M3: Copying pad setups between combis, programs, and songs


You've defined a nice chord progression on the pads in another place and you want to "import" those pads into the program, combi, or song that you're currently working with.


  1. Press PAGE SELECT and go to the Basic/DT/Ctrls page.
  2. Go to either of the Pads tabs on the right of the page.
  3. From the Menu Command button, select Copy Pad Setup.
  4. Specify whether the source of the pads you want to copy is a program, combi, or song.
  5. Specify the relevant bank or song number.
  6. Specify what to copy:
    • Select the All checkbox to copy all 8 pads from the source to your current location.
    • Or specify a specific source and destination pad to make more complex assignments.
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