Korg M3: Downloading the Korg guides and documentation


You do not have any of the Korg guides or other user documentation for your Korg M3, for whatever reason. Or, you've had your M3 for a while and there have been some OS updates and you're not sure that you have all the latest updated versions of the Korg guides or other user documentation.

To download the Korg guides and documentation

Instead of hard-coding links to each specific Korg-produced document here (which could become incomplete as Korg adds new documents or changes the download links for existing documents), this article tells you how to find the full list of current documentation for the Korg M3 on the Korg site.

  1. Go to the Korg Support Site (worldwide).
  2. From the Select a Category drop-down list, select Keyboards and Modules.
  3. From the Select a Product drop-down list, select M3 - Music Workstation/Sampler.
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