Korg M3: Editing preset drum patterns


You would like to modify one of the existing 671 drum pattern presets available in the M3 and save the newly-edited pattern as a user pattern, but you are unsure how to do it.

Procedure — Editing preset drum patterns with RPPR in SEQ mode.

Preset drum patterns cannot be edited directly, so they must first be copied to user pattern in a song in SEQ / RPPR mode by using the Copy Pattern command. After copying to a user pattern slot, you can then edit the pattern and save it to the USER pattern bank with the Convert to Drum Trk Pattern command.

  1. Begin by entering SEQ mode and selecting a new, empty song.
  2. Set up the first track of the song with your chosen drum kit for the pattern. (Note: You can also use the auto song setup functions, load a template song, or use the Copy from Program/Combi commands to set up the sequencer, if you prefer.)
  3. Press the Page Select button and select SEQ P10: Pattern/RPPR.
  4. Ensure the Track Select field points to your chosen drum kit (e.g. Track01 - Trance Kit). Play the keyboard and ensure you hear your drum kit as you press the keys.
  5. Next, on the screen, touch the Pattern: > arrow button and select Preset from the drop-down menu (there are only two choices here: Preset and User).
  6. Touch the Pattern Select field > arrow and choose the preset pattern you want to edit.
  7. You can now press the Sequencer Play/Stop button on the Control Surface to listen to the pattern, but note that you cannot yet make any edits to this preset pattern. Press the Sequencer Play/Stop button again when finished listening.
  8. Now, touch the Menu Command button and select the Copy Pattern command to open the dialog box.
  9. Ensure the preset pattern number you want to edit appears in the From (Song xxx): Pattern. If for some reason you do not see the correct pattern number, then dial in the correct number with the data wheel.
  10. In the To: Song / Pattern field, select the first available empty pattern, e.g. U00.
  11. Touch the OK button to execute the command and copy the pattern.
  12. To begin editing the drum pattern, you must first select the newly-copied pattern by touching the Pattern: > arrow button and choosing User from the drop-down menu. Dial in the user pattern number you chose in step 10.
  13. Press the Sequencer Play/Stop button on the Control Surface to listen to your pattern and confirm it has copied over properly. Then, press the Sequencer Play/Stop button again to stop listening.
  14. You can now edit the pattern using Real Time Record, Event Edit or Step Recording (Loop Type).

Note: Steps for editing using RPPR or the sequencer are not covered by this wiki article.

Procedure — Saving your custom pattern

  1. Touch the Menu Command button, and select the Convert to Drum Trk Pattern
  2. In the To field, choose a specific location in the USER bank for the pattern and select OK. Warning: Any data that exists in that slot will be overwritten.
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