Korg M3: Making the pads play only samples in a combi


You want to use pads 1-8 in a combi to play only specific samples, independently of KARMA or anything else being played on the keyboard.


  1. Create a multisample program that contains the samples you want to use.
  2. Assign that program to an unused track in the combi. (Hint: if the track is muted by default and is assigned to program Int A000, then it is an unused track.
  3. Assign that track to an unused MIDI channel.
    1. From page P3 Timbre Param, in the MIDI 1-8 and MIDI 9-16 tabs, examine the MIDI Channel row to determine which MIDI channels are currently assigned to each track.
    2. Ensure that the track to which you assigned your multisample program is using its own unique MIDI channel in the combi.
  4. Configure each pad to use the MIDI channel assigned to the multisample program and configure each pad to play a single note for each sample.
    1. From page P1 DT/XY/Ctrls, go to the Pads 1-4 tab.
    2. At the top of the column for pad 1, touch the > icon and select the channel you assigned to the multisample program's track in step 3.2.
    3. In the 1: row, in the left column, specify the note number that contains the sample you want that pad to play.
    4. In the 1: row, in the right column, specify the velocity that you want the note to be played at for a "medium-velocity" hit on the pad. (If you set the PAD MODE to Vel. Fixed, this is the velocity at which the assigned note will be played regardless of how hard or soft you hit the pad.)
    5. Repeat this process for each remaining pad on this tab and also on the Pads 5-8 tab.


Once you've set the channel used for all the pads as described in the procedure above, you can alternatively assign the notes for each pad by using the CHORD ASSIGN button as documented on page 44 of the M3 Operation Guide. The only drawback to this method is that you cannot precisely specify the default velocity for each pad.

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