Korg M3: Reloading "missing" effects presets


The FX Presets in your M3 are missing. This may happen after reinitializing the M3. The long way round is to reload OS2.00 from scratch, then apply the latest incremental OS update once again. But that's a time consuming process and you want a quick way to restore the effects presets.

Disclaimer: The procedure below relies on "secret knowledge" that is not released by Korg and which has been recently "discovered" on the back of one of the pyramid texts attributed to Imhotep. The authors of this article are providing no implied warranty for this procedure, except that it works for them!

Update - 20 August 2012 this procedure confirmed using Windows 7, however note that the KORG USB Driver must also be installed on your PC or laptop for this to work. (You do not need to install the M3 Editor, though.)


  1. Download and unzip the os package for v.2.00 expanded on your computer.
  2. (Optional) Download the KORG USB MIDI Driver - if this is already installed on your PC, skip this step and the next step)
  3. (Optional) Install the KORG USB MIDI Driver on your PC or laptop.
  4. With the M3 turned off, connect your computer with a USB MIDI cable to USB Port "B" on the M3's back panel.
  5. Next, press and hold both the SEQ and EXIT buttons on the M3's front panel and switch the power on.
  6. The M3 now enters USB Storage Mode. Confirm this by checking the M3's screen - it should read that it is in USB Storage Mode.
  7. On your computer the M3's internal SD memory card is now shown as removable disk.
  8. Open the folder M3XPSYS contained in the OS2.00 distribution on your computer.
  9. On the computer, find the file FXPRESET.BIN inside the M3XPSYS folder.
  10. On the M3 removable disk, find and replace FXPRESET.BIN with the one from the M3XPSYS folder.
  11. Power off the M3 and then back on again, and your M3 and the effects presets have been restored.


Don't delete any other files from the M3 removable disk folder by mistake!

M3 Xpanded Upgrade Users: This may also be a good time to copy any of the EXB-USB-PCM01, 02, 03 and 04 KEP files to the SD Card (removable disk) as described in this article. (for example, if you're currently loading the KEPs off a USB stick). Ensure your SD card has enough memory available before doing so. The advantage is that you do not need to disassemble the M3 and potentially void your warranty.

Thanks to Biser for the original article on the forum.

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