KARMA 2: Triggering modules from a sequencer with KARMA M3 Software


You want *recorded* CC messages in a sequencer/DAW (for example) to trigger the Real-time control functions of the KARMA M3 Software.


  1. Make sure the DAW is sending the CC Messages on the KL Virtual Out B, let's say Channel 1 (although it could be any channel as long as you determine it ahead of time to match the next step)
  2. In the KARMA M3 software, in the Preferences dialog > RT Controls tab, you will see an input port for Receiving Real-Time Control Messages. You would set this to KL Virtual In B, and the same MIDI Channel as step 1.
  3. To record KARMA's output data into the DAW, you would set the ports in the MIDI Ins & Outs Editor, in the bottom Output Section, to KL Virtual Out A (in each Performance), and in the DAW, be receiving MIDI to be recorded from KL Virtual In A. You leave the Global MIDI Ports In/Out at the top of the MIDI Ins & Outs Editor set to the M3.
  4. If you want MIDI Notes from the DAW to trigger KARMA (i.e. you recorded a control track of chords played from the keyboard), then these would be sent from the DAW on KL Virtual A, and in the MIDI Ins & Outs Editor, Input Section, you would select KL VIrtual A as the input as well.



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