Korg M3: Triggering the pads by MIDI


You want to control the pads with MIDI from an external device or Sequencer/DAW.


Go to Global Mode Page 2.2 Controllers > CC Assign. Here you can set each Pad to respond to a specific CC#, or a Note Number.

When set to a CC#, such as Pad 1 = CC#110, then any value greater than 0 "presses" the pad, with the actual value being the velocity. So CC#110 095 would "press" pad 1 with a velocity of 95, and hold it. the value of "0" acts to "release" the pad. So you would need to send a CC#110 000 in order to shut off the pad.

When set to a Note Number, such as C-1, then a note-on of that number supplies the velocity and "presses" the pad, while a note-off of the same number "releases" the pad.


  • You can select "Reset Controller Assign" from the Menu Control Button to assign the Default CCs.
  • When using note numbers, it is best to use the lowest octave available (note numbers 0 ~ 7) in order to not conflict with normal playing of the unit from the keyboard.
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