Korg M3: Troubleshooting M3 Editor and USB MIDI


On your Windows XP /Vista /Windows 7 PC, you installed the latest Korg USB driver and the M3 Editor software. However the USB MIDI link to the M3 is not being recognized by the M3 editor. One of the procedures below should remedy the problem.

Procedure (possible causes)

  1. Ensure you are using a MIDi "printer" cable which has a flat type A plug on one end and a square type B plug on the other end. The type B square plug goes into the M3's "B" MIDI socket, and the type A "flat" plug goes into your computer.
  1. Although the Korg USB MIDI driver software is installed on your system, the specific USB MIDI device to the M3 may not be "installed". Please ensure the MIDI USB cable is connected to the PC and M3, that the M3 is switched on, and then run Program Files -> Korg -> KORG USB-MIDI Driver Tools -> Install KORG USB-MIDI Device If you have a second Korg keyboard for example a Korg Pa2x to connect via MIDI over USB, then repeat for the second MIDI device.
  2. The M3 Editor may be assigned to the wrong MIDI interface - there can be up to 10 MIDI interfaces installed in Windows. Use the Global menu in the M3 Editor to ensure that the M3 Editor is configured to use the Korg USB-MIDI device for the M3.
  3. A USB web camera device driver may be causing a conflict with the MIDI device drivers. This is a known fault - for example on Dell Laptop PCs using Logitec Web Cam devices. The solution is to uninstall the Web Cam device driver.
  4. The 10 MIDI drivers limit of Windows may have been exceeded. Every time you use a different USB port, one of those MIDI drivers will be used until there are no more free MIDI driver registry keys available. The easiest way to check is to run the Korg USB-MIDI uninstaller which is by default installed in Program Files -> Korg -> KORG USB-MIDI Driver Tools -> Uninstall KORG USB-MIDI Device. When it runs, click the NEXT button, and it will automatically analyze the "midi" sections of the registry and give you a list of all MIDI devices. If there are more than 10 devices shown, you will need to tick the check boxes and uninstall some of them until there are less than 10 devices in the list. The "Options" button allows you to uninstall non-Korg MIDI devices.

Note: Issue 4 is also discussed in more detail on the KARMA Software Technical Support FAQ page.

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