Korg M50: How to assign a knob to control effect levels


You would like to learn how to assign one of the 4 Real-Time Control Knobs to control effect levels, similar to the way they do in most of the factory programs and combis.


All you have to do to assign Knob 4-B (example) to control the reverb level in a combi is:

  1. Select an INIT Combi.
  2. On P1:Controllers, make sure Knob 4-B is set to Knob 4 Mod (CC21).
  3. On P9: Master Effects, assign a Reverb to the Master FX 1, such as Reverb Hall, turn it on, set the Return 1 to 127.
  4. On P8-1 IFX Route-1, tab 1 Route1, set timbre 1 to 127 for Send 1. At this point, if you play the piano, you should hear some reverb.
  5. Go back to the effect on the MFX tab, MFX 1, and set the AMS Source next to the Wet/Dry Mix on the bottom to "KnobM4#21" (don't choose the + option), set the amount to something like +50, and it should be working.
  6. Make sure, of course, that your Realtime Contol A/B switch on the front panel is set to "B" - those are the 4 assignable knobs.


Naturally, this works the same way for the other 3 knobs, just use:

  • Knob 1 Mod (CC17)
  • Knob 2 Mod (CC19)
  • Knob 3 Mod (CC20)
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