Korg OASYS: Routing EXi1 to EXi2 inside a program

Note: also applies to the Korg Kronos.


Most of you are familiar with the possibility to route audio through some of the EXis, for example the STR-1 can function as a comb filter and the MS-20EX filters have their own renowned character. So it has probably occurred to you that it would be nice to route the EXis through each other. Here is how to do just that.


First select the two EXis you are going to use in the Common -> Program Basic tab.

Then setup as follows:

Common -> IFX -> Routing

Bus Select :
EXi1&2 to = Off

EXi MFX Send:
EXi1 Send1 (to MFX 1) = 127
EXi1 Send2 (to MFX 2) = 0
EXi2 Send1 (to MFX 1) = 0
EXi2 Send2 (to MFX 2) = 127

Common -> MFX/TFX -> Routing

MFX1 = On
MFX1 = 002: Stereo Compressor
MFX2 = On
MFX2 = 002: Stereo Compressor
Return1 = 0
Return2 = 127

Common -> MFX/TFX -> MFX1

Ratio = 1.0 : 1
Threshold = 0
Gain Adjust [dB] = +0

Common -> MFX/TFX -> MFX2

Ratio = 1.0 : 1
Threshold = 0
Gain Adjust [dB] = +0

Common -> Basic/Vector -> EXi Audio Input

EXi2 Audio Input :
Input Source = MFX1

This feeds EXi1 output to EXi2 audio input, now it's up to you to use the input.


Use MS-20EX in the EXi2, then on the Patch Panel put a connection between EXi Audio In (at the bottom of the panel) and the Signal In (right beside it), then connect the Out (one to the right) to the LPF Cutoff Freq. (on the upper side of the screen). Then turn the Signal Level up (on the bottom of the screen), remember that this overloads easily on some cases.

Or if you want to use the STR-1 just turn up the Feedback Level on the String -> Pickups/Feedback tab, that is the audio path to the engine.

And on the MOD-7 the audio comes from the Audio In jack on the Patch Panel.

Also the MOD-7 can function as a very nice modulation source, just be careful with the levels as they clip easily and it can be difficult to debug.

A good place to adjust the gain of the signal is at the MFX1 Stereo Compressor.


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