Misc: Creating a sub-category


You've created a few articles, and you feel they would be better existing within a sub-category of the main category. For example, the Korg M3 category has sub-categories such as data-managmement, drum patterns, downloads and so on. In this example, we will add a sub-category named combis.


Step 1: Create a new sub-category page

  1. First, go to the category start page (in this example, select Korg M3 from the category menu).
  2. Click on one of the existing sub-categories such as "data management" - as you can see, the page simply lists articles in that category. To "grab" that functionality, edit the page, copy the text, and then cancel the edit.
  3. Add a new sub-category page to the category. In this example, go to the M3 category, type 'combis' in the box in the sidebar, and press the "Add new page" button below it.
  4. The template opens up in edit mode. Select all of the text and replace it with the text you copied from the other sub-category (which in itself installs a wiki module that automatically lists pages that are set to be "children" of that page.)
  5. We need to edit this, however - it presently will be referencing korg m3:data-management in the pasted text. You need to change this to your new subcategory, i.e. korg-m3:combis.
  6. Also, edit the title of the page to be a simple lower case version of the title, i.e. combis (unlike most wiki pages, we do not put "Korg M3" in front of this since it's not an article, and it will appear redundant on the actual M3 category page.) This title is what will be listed for the sub-category name on the main category page.
  7. Save the edits. You will have a blank sub-category page (since nothing is yet assigned to be in this sub-category.)

Step 2: Assign this sub-category to have the main category as a parent.

  1. Click on the [options] button at the bottom.
  2. Click on the [parent] button, and enter the start page of the main category (in this example it would be korg-m3:start.)
  3. You will see the breadcrumbs appear at the top of the page showing the hierarchical relationship of the page, i.e. Home » Korg M3 articles » combis.
  4. If you now click on the "Korg M3 Articles" in the breadcrumbs to go back to the main category page, you will see "combis" in the list of sub-categories (with no articles in it.)

Step 3: Assign articles to the new sub-category.

  1. Find each article that you want to place in this sub-category, and edit the parent page to be korg-m3:combis, using the [options] and [parent] buttons at the bottom of the article.
  2. Now, those articles will appear underneath the combis designation on the main category page, and on the sub-category page if you click combis.

That's it!

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