Misc: Example of creating an article


You'd like to create a new article, and need to know the steps to do it properly. This example details the creation of a page in the Miscellaneous Category containing useful links to wiki how-to information.


  1. Select the Miscellaneous Category from the top menu bar.
  2. Enter useful-wiki-reference-links in the page name box in the sidebar (it is recommended to use lower case with dashes between the words), and click the Add a new page button. The default template appears.
  3. The new page opens in Template Mode. Press the preview button at the bottom to read the brown template text. This text is just to give you some idea on how to proceed, and should be all deleted by the time your article is completed. For this example, we delete all the text (except the floatgraphic include at the top, whch gives the category picture.)
  4. Write the page, using the preview button at the bottom to view the results. Links to other pages can be included using the Wikidot Syntax.
  5. Once you are happy with the previewed results, save the page with the save button.
  6. Now we need to set it up to be in the category. Click + options at the bottom right, click parent, and enter misc:start. (All categories have "start" as the category page name, i.e. korg-oasys:start.)
  7. After clicking save parent page, you will see the breadcrumbs update at the top of the page.
  8. Using the tags button at the bottom, enter page-creation (which is one of the existing tags). This links it to the tagcloud in the sidebar. Now, you can click on page-creation over there and see the new page returned in the results. See this article for information on how to choose page tags: How to choose useful page tags.


  1. To create a new page in any category, you can also simply edit the URL at the top of the browser, i.e. change misc:start to misc:useful-wiki-reference-links and hit enter - it will tell you the page does not exist and ask if you want to create it.
  2. You can enter multiple tags, separated by spaces (up to a certain limit). This allows the page to show up in different tagged searches. For example, a technique for using KARMA 2 in the M3/Oasys relating to drums would be in the KARMA 2 (for OASYS/M3) category, and could be tagged with drums korg-m3 korg-oasys.
  3. You can use the edit button on any page to view the page source and see various wiki syntax methods, then use cancel to release the page without any changes.
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