Misc: Including images in articles


You want to create a wiki article that includes images or diagrams.


There are several ways you can do this.

Method 1. Attach an image file to the article, then reference it in the article using wiki syntax.

Let's assume you've got an image named test_image.jpg, located on your computer.

  1. Click on the files button at the bottom of the article page.
  2. Click upload new file.
  3. Select the file here (click the choose button and browse to the file)
  4. Leave the name blank (to keep the current name) or give it another name if you desire.
  5. Click upload file, and the file is uploaded.
  6. You an then "embed" the image in the middle of your article simply by using wiki syntax, such as this example below:

Code to insert (note: no quotes around image name):

[[image test_image.jpg]]

  • Advantage: all files used in the article are local, so there is no chance of them mysteriously disappearing.
  • Disadvantage: uses up our 300 mb of server space here at the wiki (see Tips below).

Method 2. Use links to external files, on a different server.

Let's say you've got some images uploaded on your own server, or one of the free hosting servers. You can simply use wiki syntax to embed a link to the image's URL, such as the following example:
Code to insert (note: quotes around image name):

[[image "http://www.karma-lab.com/images/koa_icon.jpg"]]

  • Advantage: doesn't use up our 300 mb of server space here at the wiki (see Tips below).
  • Disadvantage: if the files go away for some reason, the article doesn't make as much sense as before.


If using the first method (attached files), please try to keep your files small in size by using proper jpg or gif compression on the images. Being that this is a free wiki site, we have a maximum limit at the moment of 300 mb of storage.

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