Misc: KL MediaPlayer Syntax (linking to specific files)

When writing articles, you may wish to link to various audio and video files in the KL Media Player. The basic link is:


…which opens a page with the Media Player showing all files, and starts playing the first one. However, this can be scripted with query strings to show only certain types of files, certain channels (categories of files), play a selected one, etc. This article tells you how to do it.

Setting up combinations of parameters with a query string

There are three different variables that can be passed in a query string following the '?' :
channel (ch), media type (mt), and play id (playID). They can be used alone, or in combinations.

Variable: ch Channel (note: case insensitive)
m3 Korg M3
oasys Korg OASYS
lac-1 LAC-1 related
kws Korg Karma WorkStation
sounds Karma-Lab Sound Sets
skfd S. Kay Factory Demos
karma KARMA Technology in general
chem1 Chemistry 1 Sound Set demos
chem2 Chemistry 2 Sound Set demos
chem3 Chemistry 3 Sound Set demos
rein1 Reincarnation 1 Sound Set demos
Variable: mt Media Type
0 all
2 video performances/demos
3 video tutorials
4 video tours
5 audio files (mp3)
Variable: playID a unique id for each media file

Examples: Play ID

Inside the KL MediaPlayer, click on any file. In the "Now Playing" area, if you click the small "i" (info) button, it will show more detailed info under the title, including an "ID". You can use this ID to bring up the MP with a specific file ready to start playing, like this:

(OASYS GE Drum Tutorial Part 1)

Examples: Channel

Examples of showing a "channel" via HTML command (shows all media files for that channel and plays the first one in the list)

(show all files related to LAC-1)

(show all files related to the M3)

(show all files related to the OASYS)

Examples: Channel, Play ID

Choose a channel and play a particular one that may not be first in the list (combine the above two):

(Channel = M3, Play Eldar #1)

Examples: Channel, File Type

Examples of a channel and media file type (shows only the specified Media type for the specified channel, and plays the first one in the list):

(OASYS + tutorials)

(M3 + Video Performances)

(All Channels/Products, but only Tutorials)

http://www.karma-lab.com/vp/klvp.html?mt=3 OR

Examples: Channel, File Type, Play ID

Choose a channel, file type, and play a particular one that may not be first in the list (combine all three):

(Channel = M3, show only Video Performances, play Eldar #2)

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