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This page links to reference information, procedures, and lists that can be helpful for administrators and moderators of this wiki.

Note: Generally, only admins and mods can perform the administrative tasks described in these pages.

Things to finish before the site can "go live"

Tasks to complete before the wiki can "go live"
Ask Stephen to choose a Creative Commons licensing model so we can define that for the site
Recast all the page float images as includes (fix the templates too!)
Devise backup/portability strategy, in case this whole thing goes south
Design a page describing how users can create their own personal sub-wikis in a personal namespace (I decided making multiple templates was overkill - the general user: template is sufficient)
Create an admin policy page describing Stephen's tricks for linking directly to certain Media Player files (sk: I made a misc page out of it.)
(in progress) Copy-paste a broad sampling of how-to from forums into new pages here, to populate an inital set of category heirarchies
Compile list of most prolific forum users for Stephen to mass email invites (over on the admin forums)
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