Conflict resolution policies

No personal attacks, ever

Discuss the revision itself, not the person who made the revision. Remember Bill & Ted's Golden Rule.

You do not OWN any content on this wiki

You need a thick skin to be a wiki contributer. Check your ego at the door. Anything you contribute here is subject to potentially merciless revision by other members. Even if you worked really hard to draft the initial version of the article, all articles belong to the wiki itself and therefore anyone in the wiki community who has the privileges to edit articles has the right to revise the article in a positive manner according to the stated policies of this wiki.

Assume that every revision is intended in good faith as a positive contribution to this wiki

It will happen occasionally that some well-meaning member makes a revision that makes an important detail ambiguous or even wrong. Or perhaps they add a lot of new information (perhaps poorly-written) that they believe is useful but the overall effect makes the article harder to read or use. Or perhaps they delete a lot of detail that they felt was extraneous and bloating up the article.

In these situations, just calmly correct any overt errors and leave a polite comment in the page's discussion thread that explains your corrections, so that the person who made the errors can learn to contribute more effectively. Everyone makes mistakes and new contributers might not understand all the policies, practices, or culture of this wiki, let alone the Wikidot syntax.

Do not be a jerk when making such comments. Remember Bill & Ted's Golden Rule. Always attempt to help and explain instead of just reverting, removing, or scolding.

Except for obvious vandalism, ONLY REVERT ONCE

If you revert a "good faith" contribution by another member and they (or someone else) attempts to make the same contribution again (or roughly similar), do not revert the article a second time. Instead, post your disagreements on the discussion page for the article and try to come to a compromise.

Do not PM the moderators unless you cannot work it out amongst yourselves

The administrators and moderators are mostly volunteers. We've got jobs and other responsibilities. And in the free time we might have, we prefer to play our nifty keyboards, make music, and do other fun things like that.

We will be most unhappy if you haven't tried everything to work out a conflict amongst yourselves before dragging us into the fray to arbitrate. When we get unhappy, we tend to use that little Ban member control without worrying too much about who might be right or wrong…

We are not Wikipedia

If you get into a conflict situation over some article revision, do not quote Wikipedia's policies (or link to some Wikipedia policy) to support your argument. The only policies that apply to this wiki are the ones spelled out in this wiki.

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