Copyright policies

Do not plagiarize other people's work

If the admins become aware of any plagiarism, the member who committed it will be banned.

There are two important exceptions to this general policy on plagiarism. Neither of the following actions are a copyright violation or considered as plagiarism, because this wiki is an extension to the Karma-Lab website and is nominally owned by Stephen KayStephen Kay and Karma Lab, LLC.

  • You are allowed to copy source material from the official Karma-Lab website if it is a work produced by Stephen Kay or otherwise has a Karma-Lab, LLC copyright on it.
  • You are also allowed to copy source material from the official Karma-Lab forums, regardless of who originally posted that material to the forums.

It is considered good ettiquette to attribute the original author

If you simply copy something over from the Karma-Lab site/forums and make a few cosmetic changes to it, it's considered polite to attribute the original author of the information. Do not do this in the article itself, but rather in the Short description of changes field that is at the bottom of the editor when you are first creating or revising an article. Users who view the history for a page can then see your attribution attached to the earliest versions of the article. Look at the history for this article for an example of such an attribution.

All contributions to this wiki become the copyright of Karma Lab LLC

When you contribute content to this wiki, either through the creation of new articles/pages or through the revision of existing articles/pages, you are acting for the benefit of the wiki itself and the community that it serves. The wiki is a free information resource owned and operated by Stephen Kay and Karma Lab, LLC.

All such contributions become the property of this wiki and therefore when you press the save button after making any such contribution, the following conditions immediately take effect:

  • The Creative Commons license listed at the bottom of the article/page becomes applicable. In plain English, this license enables anyone to download the article/page content and freely share it with others as long as they mention and link back to this wiki, but the copied/distributed versions of the article cannot be changed in any way, nor can they be used commercially in any way.
  • The licensor is Karma Lab, LLC, P.O. Box 191, Westfield, NJ 07091-0191, USA.
  • Any member of the wiki community who has the privileges to edit articles has the right to revise your contributions on the wiki itself in a positive manner according to the stated policies of this wiki.
Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License