Managing site templates and category start pages

The start page for each major namespace (category) on this wiki is listed below, along with the corresponding template that is used when a wiki member creates a new page in that category. Each start page contains a category-specific side menu.

Note: Pages in the policy: namespace have no single start page; they might be linked to any parent page in the wiki as needed.

To create a new category start page and associated template

  1. Copy one of the existing table rows below, paste it into a new spot on the table, and modify it to specify a new namespace (category) for the start page and a corresponding template type. If you want the start page and template to use a particular graphic, you might need to upload a new graphic to the Site Graphics page.
  2. Create the start page and the template by copying the general structure of other existing start pages and templates and modifying as appropriate.
    1. Block page edits on both pages. (+options > block).
    2. Block per-page discussions on the start page (discuss > +more options > posting block).
    3. Set a site-admin tag on both pages. (sk 12/15/08 - I don't think so, not anymore)
    4. Set the parent of the start page to start.
    5. Set the parent of the template page to policy:manage-templates
  3. Create an appropriate side menu for the new category by copying one of the existing side menus and modifying the Create new … page button to point to the new category and template.
  4. In the Site Manager console, perform the following actions:
    1. In Page templates, assign the new template to the new category.
    2. In Permissions, set the permissions for the new category. If it's a category that you want the users to freely create and edit, set it to Inherit from _default.
    3. In Appearance > Navigation elements, assign the side menu that you created in Step 3 to the new category. To avoid the bug with menu assignments, do not use the drop-down list to assign the side menu. Instead, click away from the list-ahead drop-down when it appears and manually type in the full name of the side menu before you click save changes.
  5. Modify the top menu to include the new start page in the list of article categories.
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