Vendor Neutrality Policies

No pimping of third-party products

This wiki is intended primarily to support the KARMA community in the use of KARMA Technology. Karma-Lab is the provider of this website, and as such, it is natural that references to Karma-Lab's products will appear within articles on this wiki, and you may feel free to reference them within any articles you may wish to create.

It is natural and encouraged that you should contribute articles that are helpful in understanding and using all facets of the keyboard models that use KARMA Technology - and we understand that "all facets" may occasionally include the use of third-party products.

However, you should refrain from making contributions that overtly promote third-party products that are not produced by Karma-Lab, other than Korg products that are for the intended use of supporting their keyboard models that use KARMA technology. This does not mean that you cannot mention other third-party products - it simply means that the article should be useful to the community and not sound like advertising.

Mods and admins can remove such pimping

We want the content of this wiki to support the diverse needs of the KARMA community and realize that some useful articles might have a reason to mention third-party products to some degree. Ultimately, however, the mods and admins of this wiki will be the final arbiters of what might constitute overt promotion of a third-party product and may choose to remove or revise such content without notice.

If you wonder why something of this nature got removed/revised, check the article history and if you see that a site admin or mod was responsible, please do not attempt to put the content back - or stronger action may be taken.

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