Managing site graphics

Only administrators and moderators are allowed to upload files to the wiki (to conserve our storage allocation). In general, it's best practice to upload all files of a certain type to a single source page, and then use Wikidot syntax to link to the files on that source page as needed.

To upload new graphics

  • At the bottom of this page, click files > upload new file.

To modify existing graphics that have already been uploaded

  1. Save one of the existing graphics to your local computer and revise it (or otherwise prepare a new version of the graphic).
  2. At the bottom of this page, click files.
  3. In the list of attached files, carefully write down the exact file name of the uploaded graphic that you will be replacing with the new version.
  4. Ensure that the revised graphic on your local computer has exactly the same name as the uploaded file that you'll be replacing.
  5. From the list of uploaded files on this page, click options > delete for the file you are replacing.
  6. At the bottom of this page, click files > upload new file and upload the revised version of the file.

Note: The important part is that your revised graphic must have the exact same file name as the original graphic that you deleted. This prevents any [[image]] tags that used the original graphic from becoming broken.

To insert any of the following images into a page

  • Use the following syntax in an [[image]] tag:

[[image image-source]]

Where: image-source is one of the values in the following table.

image-source graphic
/sitegraphics/user.jpg user.jpg
/sitegraphics/karma-lab.png karma-lab.png
/sitegraphics/karma2.jpg karma2.jpg
/sitegraphics/korg_karma.jpg korg_karma.jpg
/sitegraphics/korg_oasys.jpg korg_oasys.jpg
/sitegraphics/korg_triton.jpg korg_triton.jpg
/sitegraphics/korg_m3.jpg korg_m3.jpg
/sitegraphics/korg_m50.jpg korg_m50.jpg
/sitegraphics/korg_kronos.jpg korg_kronos.jpg
/sitegraphics/software_karma.jpg software_karma.jpg
/sitegraphics/software_oasys.jpg software_oasys.jpg
/sitegraphics/software_triton.jpg software_triton.jpg
/sitegraphics/software_m3.jpg software_m3.jpg
/sitegraphics/software_m50.jpg software_m50.jpg
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