User-Specific page template

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General guidelines for authoring this how-to:

  • Delete this entire set of brown-colored guidelines before you save the page.
  • In the Title of the page field, enter a User:(yourName): prefix at the beginning of the field. Be sure to replace (yourName) with your actual Wikidot user name. For example, if your name is shannong then you should use a User:shannong: prefix. This ensures that readers scanning a system-generated list of pages can tell that this is a user-specific page and can tell which user the page is related to.
  • Convert the page title to sentence case (which means only the first word after User:(yourName): should be capitalized. This helps to make the page title capitalization consistent throughout the wiki.
  • Click preview often while you are drafting this page. This enables you to see how the finished page will look without actually saving multiple unfinished versions of the page. Doing this will keep the page history cleaner and easier to follow. Previewing the page also helps you find and delete any of the brown-colored guidance paragraphs that you might have missed.
  • IMPORTANT: After you save this page, click +options > parent at the bottom of the page and specify user:start as the parent of this page (or some specific child page under that page if you know what you're doing). This ensures that the page will be automatically included somewhere in the system-generated hierarchy for articles pertaining to the User-Specific category, and it also ensures that this page will have a system-generated breadcrumb trail back to its parent page.
  • After you save this page, click tags at the bottom of the page and enter any useful tags you can think of to help users find this page by using the wiki's tag cloud. For more information about tagging pages, refer to how-to-choose-useful-page-tags.
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