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Par où commencer pour découvrir Karma ?

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These two articles are worth reading at least once, even if you only want to use KARMA at its most basic level:

  1. Misc: What is KARMA?
  2. Misc: How does KARMA work?

Level 1 - "KARMA Player" (requires only your OASYS or M3 keyboard)

  1. Tutorial - Mastering Level 1 ("KARMA Player") KARMA usage
  2. Understanding the RTC Models
  3. Understanding GE types and categories
  4. Recording KARMA output to external sequencers

Comment émuler l'arpégiateur du Triton ?

There are three pages at the KARMA Lab site that give instructions on using KARMA in the same way as a standard Triton arpeggiator:

The KARMA Software can specifically emulate the Triton Arpeggiator (which is also the arpeggiator found in the M50) in any GE that uses the RTC Model GV1: Gated Vel/Pat 1, but doing so is not editable on the level of those arpeggiators and requires the KARMA Software to actually edit the arp pattern.

Stephen Kay has said that a page could be designed for the OASYS/M3 that shows only the key elements of a GV1-based GE, in a format similar to the Arpeggiator pages/tabs on the M50, which would provide a simple interface for creating arpeggiator GEs. However, whether such a page makes it into a future OS update for the OASYS/M3 is dependent on whether Korg decides to expend the resources to make it happen.

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