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Articles under consideration (in no particular order):

The INs & OUTs of MIDI in KM50
KM50 & Logic Studio (Part 1)
KM50 & Logic Studio (Part 2)
Logic, M50, and KM50 defaults (and which ones to change)
Setting up and using nano PAD/KONTROL with KM50
Setting up and using iPad MIDI controllers with KM50 (ie iTouchMIDI)
Synchronizing Combi/Program selects between M50, M50 Editor, and KM50
Using M50 arps along with KM50 (after setting up nanos for KM50 control)
KARMA-fying M50 factory preload PCG
KM50 version of Manual Advance/Muting/Direct Index tutorial
Integrating a 6-module performance with Logic Studio
Individual KDF "feature/function" files/tutorial to complement KM50 help file
Using the M50's sequencer as a master MIDI controller (ie program changes for external devices)
Using the M50's sequencer with KM50 to record/playback KARMA Performances in real-time
Using RPPR with KARMA KM50
Factory KM50 performance documentation

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