User:ross3117:KM50 & Logic Studio (Part 1)


Integrating KM50 software with Logic Studio.


We're going to build a "bridge" between KM50 and Logic Studio. Learn how to integrate your M50, KM50 software, external controllers, and the M50 editor software into Logic Studio and record both controller data as well as performance data. Learn about the the various "layers" of MIDI data involved with this powerful and sophisticated setup and how to capture them into a Logic Studio sequence.


M50 (v xxx OS) with xxx preload data
KM50 (v xxx) with xxx KDF file
M50 Editor (v xxx)
Logic Studio (v xxx)
Mac OS X (v xxx)
Korg USB-MIDI Driver (v xxx)
MIDI controller (optional)
MIDI Interface (optional)
Basic operational knowledge of all of these


Connect hardware
Configure hardware
Configure software


Recording KM50 RTC data
Playing back KM50 RTC data


Next Steps

Recording KM50 Module performance data

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