User:shannong: Index of CMTY_1

This PCG file is designed for public distribution to the M3 community. It expects that program and combi banks U-F and U-G are volatile on all target M3s.

Contents of CMTY_1.PCG

This collection of community-contributed programs and combis is just the stuff that I personally like and which I was able to cram into one sound set. Many of the programs and combis are in different bank slots from their original PCG files. No offense intended to anyone's stuff that I did not include in this collection.

This collection contains both RADIAS and EDS sounds, so you must have an EXB-RADIAS to use the programs in program bank U-F and the combis in combi bank U-F.

Qui Robinez: V2 Visions of Shiva collection

  • QRV2SHVA.PCG as of 9-Feb-2009
  • Combis U-G000 through U-G064
  • Most of these are fairly-well KARMA-fied with 8 different scenes, but no real master RTC layer other than 4 switches to run the 4 modules

Dan Stesco: V2 Total collection

  • V2TOTAL.PCG as of 9-Feb-2009, plus his standalone Baba O'Reily combi
  • Programs U-F000 through U-F025
  • Programs U-G000 through U-G053
  • Combis U-F000 through U-F006
  • Combis U-G072 through U-G094

salvafunk: 80 vintage RADIAS collection

  • RADIAS1.PCG as of 9-Feb-2009
  • Programs U-F032 through U-F112

iixorbiushii: Trance & Electronic collection

  • IIX_IA09.PCG as of 9-Feb-2009
  • Program U-F125
  • Combis U-F008 through U-F018

Requirements for loading

Your program and combi banks U-F and U-G must be free to be overwritten. The PCG file that I've packaged for the M3 community contains only program banks U-F and U-G, and combi banks U-F and U-G.

  • All RADIAS programs are in program bank U-F, and the corresponding RADIAS-oriented combis are in combi bank U-F.
  • All EDS programs are in bank U-G and the corresponding EDS-oriented programs are in bank U-G.

My version of the PCG file

My personal version of the PCG file contains my standard interchangeable sound set structure:

  • Program banks U-F and U-G
  • Combi banks U-B through U-D and U-F, U-G
  • Drum Kits U-A through U-G
  • Drum Track User Patterns
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