User:shannong: Index of RADV2

The RADV2 folder contains the Korg-produced sound set RADIAS V2 sounds for the M3’s EXB-RADIAS. It is meant to be swapped out wholesale with other sound sets in my M3.

Loading the sound set

Just load the entire RADV2.PCG file into the M3. This will entirely overwrite the contents of any existing sound set.

Sound set contents

Program/Combi lists

  • Program Banks
    • U-F contains 128 RADIAS programs
  • Combi Banks
    • U-F contains 56 RADIAS-oriented combis. Very few are KARMA-fied, and quite poorly at that. Most combis are really no more than simple mixtures of 2-3 RADIAS programs with some stereo effects.

Usage notes

Only a very few combis are KARMA-enabled, and poorly at that. None of the KARMA-enabled combis have a Master RTC layer defined, so you cannot do jack with the Master sliders and switches. The only way to tell whether a particular combi has been KARMA-enabled is to notice whether the KARMA button is lit when you open the combi.

The programs all have reasonable KARMA GE assignments, but they seem to be all defaults with no tweaking, and none of the programs have KARMA turned on by default.

Contents of the PCG file

The PCG file contains my standard interchangeable sound set structure:

  • Program banks U-F and U-G
  • Combi banks U-B through U-D and U-F, U-G
  • Drum Kits U-A through U-G
  • Drum Track User Patterns
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